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Inbound Marketing For Software Companies: Does it work?

Mar 29, 2020 3:59:54 PM

So you are curious about the potential impact of Inbound Marketing on your sales organization. You've read blogs, heard stories, attended webinars but still unsure if its the right approach for your software company. This blog will highlight some of our experiences leveraging Inbound Marketing & Sales strategies for SaaS ERP, CRM and Financial Management Software companies.

There are countless marketing guru's touting the benefits of search engine optimization (SEO), A/B testing, conversion funnels, LinkedIn marketing, re-marketing, blogging, podcasting, Google Ads and more.

While all these strategies and tactics are great. Where should you focus your time and budget?

Let's take a look at just one of these elements, search engine optimization (SEO) for example: Google's search algorithm (known as RankBrain) contains over 200 ranking factors they employ to determine where to rank a URL for a particular search query.

Where does one even begin to focus on first?

​Here's the truth, you will NEVER be able to target all 200 ranking factors and that is OK.

Here at Oak City Inbound we don't focus on all 200 factors.


Because it’s practically impossible. Even if we could, there's really no way to measure for this.

Yet despite the complexity and noise in our industry, our team is still able to get amazing results because we've figured out a few tactics that actually move the needle for our clients.

Just take a look at these real life examples below…

This particular client (Financial Management Software Industry) had zero organic search results when we first engaged with them, much less conversions (leads). To be fair, they were a brand new company with a brand new site and little domain history. 

We set them up on HubSpot's Marketing Hub and started producing targeted content with an emphasis around intercept keywords we felt represented buyer personas that were late in the buying cycle (e.g. cost, price, vs related keywords). 

Now fast forward 12 months and this is the growth in organic traffic our team was able to produce....

Organic Growth Image 1

YES – That’s right, their organic traffic went from less than ~50 visits per month to over 2,000+ per month in just 12 months without spending a single dollar on paid advertising. The majority of this traffic were all late stage buyers looking to make a buying decision within 90 days.

This surge in inbound traffic netted them additional $4 million in sales during their first 12 months.

Another client (Enterprise Resource Planning Software Industry), primarily developed content in-house and leveraged an SEO agency, had less than 500 organic visitors per month, prior to on boarding them as a new client.

After developing a new content strategy, combined with strong calls to action, within just 24 months organic traffic was over 5,000 visitors per month resulting, hundreds of of leads per month and an eight-figure sales funnel.

This is the power of Inbound Marketing for software companies.

Inbound Example 4

If you think that’s impressive, this client's Google search rankings, ranks #1 and #2 for the most competitive search terms in their industry. Including Google Snippets in most cases! 

SEMRush Rankings Image 2

By the way, check out the "CPC" column amount above (top right column). If you're not familiar with CPC it stand for "Cost per Click". When you search something in Google, these are the results you see just above the organic rankings. The higher the placement the more expensive the bid.

Cost Per Click Screenshot

CPC amount represents what companies are spending on average per click for the same keyword to be featured in the paid ads section. A quick calculation of click through ratios (CTR), multiplied by average search volume, multiplied by the average cost per click would indicate that competitors would need to spend over $20,000 per month on Google AdWords for the same prime real estate on Google.

In theory this sounds great, however the latest reports suggest Google Ads capture only ~15% - 20% of the total traffic for a particular search query. Often times we see less than 10% of click through rates for Google Ads.

So, let me ask you. Would you rather pay $10, $20 or more for every single click?
Or build a repeatable, predictable and scalable Inbound Marking machine that pays dividends for years to come.

I'll let you decide!

Traffic growth is important. But it's not the only metric.

After all, an increase in traffic doesn't do anything for you if you can't convert the traffic, right?

Take a look at this screenshot.

Conversion Optimization Screenshot3

This particular client (CRM Software Consultancy) had sufficient traffic compared to their industry peers but had weak conversion rates and knew they needed expert help.

After analyzing their domain, keyword research, backlinks and more it was determined they needed to overhaul their existing website design and optimize their blog copy along with updated calls to action & landing pages.

In just 8 months we took their initial 1.18% conversion ratio all the way to 5.32%!

That's a 350% INCREASE in conversion ratios in 8 months!

These are just a snapshot of what Inbound Marketing can do for companies within the enterprise software and management consulting space.

I suspect you are wondering if you might get similar results.  

If you'd like to get an idea of how much traffic, inbound leads and customers you can expect from an Inbound Marketing program, I'd encourage you to take our free website audit to kick start the conversation about how we can help you grow.

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