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Google Ads (PPC) Managed Services 

Need leads now? Can't wait for organic results?

At Oak City Inbound, we are obsessed with high-performance inbound marketing campaigns, however, we understand that oftentimes you don't have the luxury of waiting for leads and revenue with inbound marketing alone.

This is where Google Pay Per Click Marketing comes in handy. Google AdWords also referred to as PPC Marketing is a way to feature your brand, product, or service just above or below the Google organic listings for a fee.

This prime advertising space does not factor in SEO, it's a combination of a bidding system along with a quality grading system that determines where the ad will be placed on Google.

With Oak City Inbound's Managed PPC service we'll help you every step of the way, from keyword research & selection, campaign design & optimization, and provide you complete visibility throughout the duration of your campaign.

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Start generating more inbound leads today with this user friendly guide packed with relevant tips and tricks (and what to avoid) when it comes to generating inbound leads. 


Paid Campaign Types To Chose From

We offer 3 Google PPC campaign types to choose from. Need help deciding which one is right for you? Schedule a call with us to determine what type will best suite your needs.

Call Only
Receive warm inbound calls from leads looking for your services. You only pay if they call you.
Standard PPC Lead Generation
Receive form submissions requesting information on your brand, products and services. 
Google Retargeting
Promote your brand and generate product awareness with a solution that follows your website visitors online

What Is Pay Per Click Marketing?

How Does it Work?

Google pay-per-click advertising is basically the inverse of inbound marketing.

With inbound marketing, you are focusing on driving organic search traffic as a result of delivering high-quality content optimized for SEO.

With Google PPC marketing, you are not focusing on SEO but instead, you are more interested in finding commercially viable, bottom-of-the-funnel keywords/phrases and creating compelling Calls to Action (CTAs) to get the reader to engage with your offer.  

Benefits of Google PPC include:

  • Quick way to generate new leads
  • Free branding since you are only paying for clicks
  • Easy to measure effectiveness and ROI compared to other forms of marketing


Let's Discuss Google PPC Marketing


How Does Google PPC Bidding Process Work?

Let's look at three primary areas that will impact the overall success of your Google PPC campaign.

Quality Score

Google's Quality Score can vary even with the same keyword, it is derived from three components to determine the score on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest.  The Quality Score is influenced by the relevance of your ad, the clickthrough rate, and the landing pages experience. Simply bidding the highest amount won't guarantee top placements especially when you have a low Quality Score. Oak City Inbound will ensure to get you the highest quality score possible to help reduce campaign spend and increase performance.



Cost-per-click simply means the highest amount of money a bidder is willing to pay to have their ad strategically placed on Google. 

Cost Per Click Marketing

Ad Rank

Ad Rank is calculated by using your bid amount, your ad quality and the Ad Rank thresholds  along with other signals and attributes. In a nutshell, it's important to understand that even though you may be willing to provide the highest bid per click you may not win the prime advertising spots on Google if your Quality Score is too low.

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The goal of search engines like Google is to provide search traffic with high quality website results and advertisements and paid advertising is no exception.

Let us analyze your website and current CPC campaigns to see how we can help you maximize your marketing dollars.

Our PPC Marketing team is Google Certified and ready to help you achieve success with Google PPC Marketing.

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How to Get Started With PPC

Step 1
PPC Campaign Design

We start things off with a campaign discovery call followed by keyword research & selection, ad copy creation, landing page creation, tracking, Google Ad setup and more. With your approval we'll move forward with a campaign launch date.

Step 2
PPC Campaign Launch

With your approvals in place, we'll launch your campaign and monitor progress daily to ensure your goals and objectives are being met.  We'll be sharing details about your campaign on a regular basis, keeping you informed throughout the entire engagement.

Step 3
PPC Campaign Optimization

With weekly reporting and PPC campaign updates we'll continue to fine tune your campaign to maximize your Google PPC budget and results.  With a dedicated campaign manager keeping an eye on your campaign and making necessary adjustments you can have peace of mind that you are getting the most leads for your marketing spend.

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Everything Is Included

Managed Google PPC Marketing

Starting at $750

per month

Get Started PPC Marketing

✔️ Account Setup

✔️ Landing Page Creation

✔️ Conversion Tracking

✔️ Call Tracking

✔️ Dashboards

✔️ Ongoing Optimization

Starter Package

Call Only or Remarketing


per month

Get Started PPC Marketing

✔️ Account Setup

✔️ Conversion Tracking

✔️ Call Tracking

✔️ Dashboards

✔️ Ongoing Optimization