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Google's Algorithm (RankBrain) Is Constantly Changing 

Are you staying on top of all 200 ranking factors?

Getting ranked on the first page is getting more difficult with time.  It used to be that you could publish content on a particular keyword or phrase and have a decent chance of ranking on the first page. But times have changed, its more difficult than ever to rank at the top without paying for ads. (Google ads have their place but wouldn't you prefer not to have to pay per click?)

One of the biggest changes is the way Google displays SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). SERPs no longer consist of just paid and organic listings but instead include many types of results, aimed at providing readers with the information they are looking for without even having to click on a result.

Some keyword queries may now display these  SERP features:

  • Rich "Snippets" these are quick answers presented that do not require the reader to click on a URL
  • People Also Ask" provides a list of frequently asked questions
  • Video listing
  • Local Listings
  • Images
  • Shopping Results which includes images and pricing info
  • Site Links which include a list of links Google may display creating high CTR


With Change Comes Opportunity

If your Google rankings have gone down in recent years and SEO is a priority for you, please schedule your free consultation with our team to discuss strategies to help you rank first page every time.


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How We Help You Rank First Page In Google Organic Search

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula that will help you rank number one every time, however we understand the primary ranking factors that RankBrain looks for that really moves the needle for our clients. 

Some of these include:

  • Creating strategic guest post / backlink acquisition programs designed to increase both domain and page authority
  • Structure content by topic/cluster and link internally with strategic anchor text
  • Utilize video for increased dwell time and SERP results
  • Leverage fast, mobile friendly, secure CMS solutions by HubSpot for better performance

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