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Tip of the week: Tracking Revenue by first page seen in HubSpot

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Have you ever wanted to see how much total pipeline and/or revenue your content generation efforts produce but not quite sure how to tie it all together.

Or perhaps your digital marketing agency promised the world but their content doesn't drive the kind of results (revenue) you are looking for.

This week's post will show HubSpot user's (and prospects) how quick and easy it is to build a cross object report linking revenue from HubSpot CMS to the contact's first interaction with your content.   

This report will take just a minute to build in HubSpot.

Step 1: Go to your dashboard screen and create a new cross object report using contacts and deals. Once there chose your data types, choose "Create date" to "known" and "Lifecycle stage" is "Customer". (To see the entire sales pipeline by first page seen you can also select "Opportunity" in addition to "Customer".)

Revenue by First Page Seen Filters 2v2


Step 2: in your properties tab select "Amount in company currency (Deal)" and "First page seen (Contact)". 


Revenue by First Page Seen Filters v2


Step 3: Select "Table" for your chart display type.


Revenue by First Page Seen Filters 3

And voila, you have your report ready to publish to your HubSpot dashboard!


Revenue by First Page Seen Filters 515


Once created you can drill into the dollar amounts to see the actual deals that make up the revenue and you can then further drill into the contact records.


Revenue by First Page Seen Filters 4

This report will require that you utilize both HubSpot CMS or Marketing Pro and HubSpot CRM. This is a great report for both marketing agencies and internal marketing managers to justify future marketing spend.  

Have a question or comment, leave us a note below.  

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